The Making of a Minotaur

Reallusion presents a three-part in-depth video tutorial for creating a minotaur in iClone Character Creator, before clothing, mapping and painting him in ZBrush and 3ds Max...

Part 1: Character Creator

Reallusion's Character Creator is a robust tool that allows for the creation of custom biped characters regardless of your modeling experience. Using an array of morph sliders covering every segment of the body, you are able to create custom body shapes, size and distortion.

In addition, virtually every facial component and muscle is represented with head sliders, allowing for infinite custom face and head creation.

Once satisfied with your base character model, Character Creator has built in dynamic texture editing to create high quality texture maps for your character. A library of base clothing items can be applied to your finished model, or you can create and import your own that remain compatible, and conform to further body morphing.

Part 2: Custom Clothing & Texturing In ZBrush

Using Reallusion's 3Dxchange pipeline makes incorporating other software into your workflow a simple process.

We also provide a step by step method to use ZBrush and your base Character Creator model to create custom conforming clothing, UV mapping, and additional texture creation. We have geared this tutorial to the novice or first time user of ZBrush, and as such attempted to be as comprehensive as possible to make the workflow complete.

Part 3: Cloth Skinning in 3ds Max

Part 3 of the tutorial will guide you through a step by step process for properly preparing and importing your clothing model pieces into 3ds Max. Using the base character we created in Part 1 of the tutorial, we are able to use the 3ds Max Skin Wrap modifier to attach the clothes to our base character, and then re-import it into Character Creator as a fully clothed model.

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