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  • FEATURE 29/05/2017

    Learn how character artist Niyazi Selimoglu develops his professional 3D skills with ZBrush sketching, recreating great characters in 3D and designing his own...

    SNEAK PEEK! 26/05/2017

    Take a sneak peek look at what is inside the first issue of our new print magazine Character Design Quarterly!

    INTERVIEW 26/05/2017

    Spanish 3D character artist Aitor Montes is in the middle of updating his portfolio following the inspirational THU 2016 – find out more...

    SHOP OFFER 25/05/2017

    Try a new hobby and get 50% off selected Beginner's Guide books until 1 June!

    INTERVIEW 25/05/2017

    Calder Moore shows us a sample from his vibrant portfolio, including low-poly landscapes and 3D fractals using Softimage and Mandelbulb 3D...

  • FREE TUTORIAL 24/05/2017

    Find out how Vinicius Paciello created his Zodiac-inspired image using 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop...

    INTERVIEW 24/05/2017

    3D artist Vinicius Paciello was inspired by David Fincher's "Zodiac” to create his latest scene – find out his processes and goals...

    REVIEW 23/05/2017

    There are many options for character creation, so does this latest offering from Reallusion add something useful to the mix?

    INTERVIEW 22/05/2017

    Lead 3D artist based in Rome, Italy, Fabio D'Amico uses Mudbox, 3ds Max and Houdini to great effect for his modeling – find out more...

    FEATURE 22/05/2017

    Escape Technology's Dominic Danson talks to us about the company and their event Creative Rooms...

  • FREE TUTORIAL 19/05/2017

    3D artist Luca Veronese talks us through this impressive VRscans based project...

    INTERVIEW 18/05/2017

    Brazil-based 3D artist Italo Cerone shows his Maya and V-Ray workflow behind some of his portfolio images, and reveals his inspirations...

    INTERVIEW 17/05/2017

    3D caricaturist Paulo Ferrari shares some of his cool characters while discussing the ZBrush workflow behind his creations...

    FREE TUTORIAL 17/05/2017

    Farid Ghanbari runs through the Maya and Substance Painter workflow for his incredibly detailed still life image "Bottles of Life"...

    FEATURE 16/05/2017

    Concept artist Noely Ryan walks us through his path into the industry, provides some great advice about working with others and offers guidance on working at a studio...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

29th May 2017

Glassworks VFX have created this commercial for Pepsi.

29th May 2017

The Grant Digital have created the CG trailer for indie game Galaxy of Drones.

29th May 2017

Statue is a mix of body scanning and procedural displacement effects by Saddington Baynes artists.

28th May 2017

Bungie have released the announce trailer for Destiny 2.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

29th May 2017

Faceware Technologies showcase what's new in Faceware Live 2.5.

28th May 2017

See what it's like to work at Allegorithmic.

27th May 2017

This video highlights some of the key features of the V-Ray Frame Buffer in 3ds Max.

27th May 2017

The cast and director of The Mummy talk about the upcoming film in this featurette video.

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