Texturing with 3D Total's Texture CD series

I have the privilege to show you how I used some of 3D Total's Texture CDs.

First of all, here is the clean model of an old cloister I created in 3D Studio Max 5:

And now, after having tried a lot of different textures, I ended up using the ones you see here.
The light in the scene is adjusted a little so that you can see the textures:

For the roof I used CD v.1/sla_tile/tiles04 + 04b. I darkened the texture in Max' material editor and added some specularity

Left wall: CD v.3/yellows/ye007 + 006b

Middle wall (with door): CD v.1/ stone/stone27 + stone31 and on the same CD dirt_grm/dirt03. So I mixed 3 maps in Photoshop.

I used the first map as background, added the next as layer1 and erased gently on this layer to mix with the background.

Then I used colour range selecting the white in the dirt map to get only the dirt. When done I inversed the selection and copied/pasted it. I then got a new transparent layer. To get the dirt on the bottom of the wall too, I rotated the dirt map repeating the above, now having 3 layers.

A little opacity change, merging the layers, and then the result was this:

Right wall: CD v. 3 /greys/gy001 + 001b.

Arch: CD v.3 /greys/gy006 + 006b

Front wall (gateway): CD v.1/stone/stone21 + 21b

Stairs: CD v.2/concrete/con006 + 006b

Floor: CD v.1/ground/cobbl01 + 01b. I used the bump with a VRay displacement-mod and gave it 1,0 amount of displacement to make the bumpeffect

Door: CD v.1/wood/wood04b. I loaded the bump into Photoshop, copied the background and added the green colour on layer1 dropping on opacity. Then merged and saved. Used this map + the bump in Max

Door frame: CD v.1 /wood/wood03 + 03b

And here at last is the result. One target spot, global illumination. Rendered with VRay. The trees were made in OnyxTree and
imported into Max. The cat is a nozzle for Painter, I created it from a photo. Finally I added KPT Equalizer in Photoshop.

"Old Cloister"

It has been a pleasure working with this excellent series of high quality textures, and I dare say, that with these Total-textures you'll be very well equipped for doing nice pictures.

©Karin Eszterhás

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