Sun rays

The idea for this image came up some time ago, when i bought a book about Romanesque architecture.
Decided to do some building myself...

I started off by modeling an arch and the column. Once i was satisfied with the shape, I copied these and built up an entire hallway.

Added some windows/doors, and finally a roof, to cover it all. The entire scene is made out of booleans, and as usual, when working in Bryce, the wires are insane...

Just for your sanity, and mine, here's another preview, rendered with a simple gray surface. :)

Now, I wanted the place to have that old, worn look, but still a place someone would like to visit, so the texturing was important to give the place the right mood.
I've known about the 3D Total Texture CD's for some time now, and have seen the great results people have achieved thanks to the excellent textures. Needless to say, there is a great deal to choose from!
After having spent some time browsing through the CD's, I had no problem finding the right textures for the image.

I opened up Photoshop, and played around with these 3. I combined them, and got a wall texture, with just the right amount of scratches and cracks.

For the bumpmap, I used the maps that came with each texture.

For the floor, I wanted the texture to look slightly different, with some large bricks. I still wanted to keep a certain similarity, so that everything kinda "blended" together.
Made some tweaking in Photoshop and came up with this.

Now, I imported these into Bryce, and applied them to the models. Here's what the scene looks like with the textures.

Once I'm satisfied with a render, I always do the last lighting and color corrections as postwork.
In this case, i wanted to have some sunrays coming through the openings to the right, so I opened the image in Photoshop and created a new layer.
For the sunrays, I use a basic triangular shape, and play around with gradient, opacity and softness.
As a final touch, i added some extra reflections in various places, just to enhance the sunlight.

Thanks for your time

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