Model Nessa, Pokemon fanart, in ZBrush & Maya


This project started with an interest in Pokemon, an animation that I have followed since childhood, and it is one of the inspirations that has helped me create work to this day. I was interested in the female characters in the sword and shield Pokemon, this character was named Nessa. She looks beautiful and charming, so I wanted to create work inspired by her.

nessa pokemon fanart 3d model

References & ideas

The first thing I do is gather references because this character has tanned skin. She looks athletic and sexy at the same time, so I started to find suitable references on the internet and in books. By looking for pictures of Nessa characters first, athletes, anatomy, and poses of women, in order to make the work come out beautiful

Primary shapes

I use Mannequin and the ZBrush anime head as a starting block to create a Nessa body. I use DynaMesh to customize the form. For the main shape adjustment, I like to use Clay Buildup, Dam_Standard, Move, Inflat, and Smooth. However, I like to cut hands and create new ones.

primary poses and body shapes 3d

Extract the costume

I use the Mask Pen to drag it to the position and separate the costume. I set the thickness to 0.03, then press Ctrl+Shift+left-click on the costume, then press Del Hidden and ZRemesher to make the model look clean, and then use Zmodeler-Extrude - All Polygroups to make them thick. And add further details to the costume with Zmodeler again.

remeshing modeler 3d model pokemon fanart

Create hair

I use the cylinder and use the Move tool to make the shape from, then adjust it to look curvy using the Move topology brush and Smooth brush. Then I add details using Divide (Ctrl+D). Then repeat, shape the shape and use Spiral Brush to make the curves more beautiful.

hair creating model female character


First, Unwrap UVs, then adjust the model to high resolution (Ctrl+D). You can press Colorize and remove Zadd so you can paint.

unwrapping uv 3d modeling pokemon


I like to use T-Pose as a beginner. So in Pose, I use Tranpose Master-Tposemesh, then use Maskpen and Move tools to create beautiful postures. For decoration, I like to use Move, Standard, and Smooth brush. When the model is posed, press Tpose / SubT.

action pose 3d model nessa pokemon

Create texture map and normal map

Create textures: To create textures, adjust the model resolution to high, then press New from Polypaint to create a texture map.

Create normal map: Adjust the model resolution to a minimum, then press Normal Map - Create Normalmap. After this, you can export for use in Maya.

pokemon fanart female character design

Setting, lighting and material

I use Maya to render this work by importing files from ZBrush and creating a backdrop, lighting, and adding material. I set each section so that the work looks beautiful.

setting lighting effects 3d modeling

In Photoshop I made some adjustments to the brightness and contrast.

pokemon 3d model character female

With that, I was done. I hope this making-of is useful for you guys.

nessa pokemon 3d model character design

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