Model, light, and texture a villa in 3ds Max


Hello my friends, I’m Nima Akbari. I live in Tehran, Iran. I am an architect, 3D Artist and an interior designer. In this article I want to share my recent work as a making of, and I hope there will be some points that are useful for you. I used 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Photoshop for the creation of this project.


Modeling is the most important level when creating a 3D scene because if you do not have a good model you won't achieve a good result, so you should focus on details and model it in the best way possible. At first I drew the 2D plan in AutoCad, and after importing it to 3ds Max I started modeling. I used some models from model+model, Evermotion, and 3Dsky, and I also used parametric cabinet which is a good script for modeling the cabinet.


While using the basic rules of composition, I set the cameras in the scene. One of the most important things in setting up the camera is setting the white balance, and for this I created a pure white sphere in the middle of the scene and rendered it. After that I used the camera color selector and picked the color of the sphere for the white balance.


This is my favorite part because with each light that you set you can totally change the mood and lighting; it is so impressive in the final result, so we should be accurate in choosing the suitable lighting for the scene. I used HDRI lighting for this scene because I am always satisfied with the result of this kind of lighting. I used textures from the Peter Guthrie pack and also viz-people which are very good textures, and also for the artificial lights I used target light for creating good shadows.


Here we have one of the most important parts – texturing – and at this point the whole work is transformed. For doing this part well you should always pay attention to the environment around you because as you know nature is the most inspiring thing that you can learn from. With your personal technique you can work at this however you want. I used textures from Arroway textures and CG textures that in my opinion gave a very good texture quality. I do not use complicated techniques when creating the material because from my point of view good work shouldn't be necessarily complicated, and achieving the desired result is always important.


For this step, I used Photoshop and some plugins for it such as Nik Software for color correction, and Aurion FX for lens effects.

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