Maya and mental ray SSS: Part 01

This tutorial will teach you advanced techniques that you can use to create a shader network for rendering human skin with Maya and mental ray.


This is part one of a two part tutorial that shows, in detail, how to set up a human skin shader in Maya with mental ray. All the files, including the Maya scene files, shaders and textures are available for FREE here.

The shader network we build here will have wavelength dependent scatter to make human skin red color bleed. By allowing the red channel of Subsurface Scatter to be much stronger and scatter deeper, the resulting renders have red edges on the shadow and thin, back-lit areas.

This is for Maya 2012 and earlier because the newer Maya 2013 they have included this feature in misss_fast_shader2 phenomenon as RGB breakouts in front and back radius. Still it is good to know why we tint the radius and how to break SSS out into render passes.

Big thanks and all credit to the free head scan from Lee Perry-Smith at Infinite-Realities. This guy is on it!


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