Making Of 'Young Rodeo'

The idea and concept for this image for a young boy riding a huge bull came to me while scribbling in my sketch book. I then went about creating a rough story revolving around the image.

Rodeo means "The Real Cowboy". It's a story of a boy, whose passion was to ride bulls like his father. I have tried to capture a spectacular frame of the young boy who has been trained by his father. The father who is a pro in Rodeo events is amazed watching his son performing better than him at such a young age (see image to the right)
After the story was clear in my mind, I started filling in the sketch with colour to get the right look and feel (see image below and click for bigger version).

I drew a few model sheets for the cowboy for reference, before starting to model. I always prefer polygon modelling for just about anything.

Completed the whole cowboy using the box-modelling technique.

A grey mesh display of the young cowboy from all sides.

Then I started unwrapping and texturing the cowboy.

I used brazil for rendering the mesh, HDRI map was used for the reflection in the eyes.

An illustrative explanation on the modeling, texturing and lighting of the eye.

Fully modelled and textured young cowboy ready for rigging.

I used the same polygon-modeling technique to complete the wild bull model with textures.

Unwrapped UV's of the bull model and painted textures in Photoshop as done for the cowboy.

I used a biped with physique to rig the cowboy and the bull and tried to get an action pose for them.

Rendered the pose with a skylight and an omni light.

Then I concentrated on making the background models such as the kids father, clouds, fence and the wind-mill which I rendered separately so that I could composite it later.

At the last moment I decided to change the camera angle for the action pose of the cowboy and the bull which previously didn't gave the spectacular and dynamic view. I also did a study of the line of action and line of force to get the composition right..

Finally I gathered all the rendered images for composition in Photoshop. After compositing, I fine tuned and colour corrected the image to get the final image ready for the cgchallenge contest.

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