Making Of 'The Cabin'

Welcome to this little making of about "cabin".
I would like to tell you a little bit about how this image was created.
The scene contains about 500 000 polygons, it was entirely modelled, textured and rendered in Maxons great program Cinema 4d.


I started with a simple construction and booled out the windows.

Then, I built the planks and the windows and added them to the scene.

The stones and dirt on the ground are made with OBAN.

Here are the result of the modelling stage.


Here is the wire frame shot of the whole scene.

Here is a close up of the skeleton parrot and his "cage". The bird is a hypernurbs-object with about 30 bones, and the cage was made with splines.

Here are the desk and stool with flag models that are in the scene. The flag was made with clothilde. (the flag-texture is a scan from a book about pirates)


Here are some of the textures that I used from Total Textures CD's to texture my scene.

  1. indian003 (cd9)
  2. african007 (cd 9)
  3. egypt016 (cd 12)
  4. african016 (cd 9)
  5. tunisia012 (cd 13)
  6. tunisia018 (cd 13)
  7. italy010 (cd 12)
  8. germany012 (cd 12)
  9. dirt03 (cd 1)
  10. dirt05 (cd 1)
textures 5-10 are for bump maps


With in the scene there is 1 sun light and many omni lights. sun light: 200%, lightblue color, soft shadow, volumetric candle lights: 35%, orange color, soft shadow

The is the scene render with the lightings and without textures.


I used a mix of Radiosity and Ambient Occlusion. Here's the final render before compositing.

Post Production

I set the overall scene with a warm (brown) tone using photo filter tool, sharpen the
image before give a soft feel on it using blur effect also adjust the level to give more contrast.

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