Making Of 'Rustic House'

Once again I'm here to make a short tutorial about the new outstanding 3D total CD no.12/13 Textures. This new CD is full of textures of around the world, several types of walls, bricks, concretes, great for exterior and interior architectural scenes, and with a great variety of materials. This time I choose a kind of exterior zone of a Rustic House located in south of Portugal, a rebuilding of a old house mixing new and old materials and structures, and of course illuminated by the great light of this country


Well this kind of structures are made with simple edited primitives, the texture job would be the most important in the final result, the windows are very typical in portugal and are very much used in the interior in the north of Portugal. Some objects like the garden bench, a wood wheel, some vases and typical tiles in the roof

These are some simple objects that compose the scene, the vase are spline+lathe, the garden bench is composed by splines in the metal part and some boxes for the wood, this typical door bell are tubes and lathe, the window is polymodelling and the wheel is also poly. Here are some of them


Well here comes the best part, giving some life to these plain objects, the most hardest part were the walls. I made some compositions in photoshop with an england wallbrick, it's the closest to the portuguese wall brick, but it's ok, it's only an exercise with these textures. I picked some hard stones to put near the door and windows. Here are some pics of the unwraped walls


The scene was rendering with Vray, i used two lights a Vray light to give the skylight and a target spot, to create a strong shadow and give some depth to the scene. Also I added some light blue and yellow colours to makeit feel like a summers day. Here is the light study that i made after the texturing step. After the rendering i made some post production in photoshop, some levels and contrast adjustments, sharp and other final touches.

I really recommend this CD to every artist and studio, it's one of the best of all, great collection of textures and with a great quality. One more time, congratulations to all 3dtotal crew members you are the best ... keep up the good work and good renders

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