Making Of Multi-Award Winning VFX Short 'Carbon Footprint'


This series of movies takes a look behind the making of multi-award winning VFX short "Carbon Footprint".  VFX supervisor and 3D artist Matt Chandler, from Jellyfish Pictures (London, UK), talks through various scenes and techniques used to create the two minute VFX sequence, which was nominated for Best of Show at Siggraph 2008. Topics covered include the project's conception, early versions/VFX tests, lighting, rendering, projection mapping, shaders, simulation and 3D compositing.


VFX Supervisor/3D Artist: Matt Chandler
Lead Compositor: Fabio Zaveti
Director: Matt Lambert
Producer: Stefano Salvini
Producer: Bruce Meier (Discovery Channel EMEA)
Music: Ben Lukas Boysen\Hecq

Matt Chandler is a lead VFX artist and Technical Director at Jellyfish Pictures based in London, UK. 
Whilst at Jellyfish he has won a VES, Bafta and numerous international awards for Outstanding Visual Effects in Broadcasting.

Part 1

Duration: 06 minutes 50 seconds Size: 9.95mb

Part 2

Duration: 04 minutes 36 seconds Size: 7.03mb

Part 3

Duration: 03 minutes 46 seconds Size: 2.35mb

' '

Part 4

Duration: 09 minutes 17 seconds Size: 12.2mb

Part 5

Duration: 09 minutes 14 seconds Size: 12.0mb

Part 6

Duration: 09 minutes 34 seconds Size: 16.3mb

Part 7

Duration: 03 minutes 28 seconds Size: 8.29mb

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