Making Of 'Blowout at Exit 16A'

The Footage

The work on "Blowout at Exit 16A" (created specially for the book "Carnivora" by Les Barany) started with a purely computer generated image featuring Till Nowak's Woojet concept car and the city of his short film "Delivery".

Then Leslie Barany suggested the tire changing idea and contributed his photo of artist Eli Livingston handling a real life situation after a blowout at an existing interstate exit 16A in New Jersey, the origin of the title. Besides endless painting, layering, color correcting and masking there are several photo­graphic elements that played an important role in the final image, as you can see in the following images.

Eli Livingston photographed by Leslie Barany at Exit 16A.

This lensflare was used as editing source for the sunset mood.

Palms from Los Angeles worked as the vegetation in the image.

A photo taken from a New York tourist bus provided buildings and traffic.

The shiny lamp came from this photo taken on an aircraft carrier.

A photo from Alcatraz Prison provided dirty concrete textures.

The computer generated base image.

The rusty version of the car was partially mixed with the clean version.

The Process

Most of the work consisted of painting fine masks and finding ­solutions to match the perspective, light direction, reflections, shadows and color tone of all elements. The mix of vegetation with skyskrapers is meant as a reference to the shortfilm "Delivery". The original format of the image is 2500x3500 pixel and about 50 Photoshop layers were used, which is not much for a full week of work. Due to the extreme color distortions the whole editing happened in 16 Bit.

The Woojet

The futuristic car used in the image was designed by Till Nowak in 2006, one year before "Blowout at Exit 16A" was created. Till started to work with capsule shaped vehicles in his shortfilm "Delivery". The goal of these designs was to create the most powerful and heavy vehicle design but preserve beauty and elegance.

Final Image

Here is the final image

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