Making Of 'Blind Warrior'

This tutorial will briefly describe how I created my blind warrior from a painting.                                        

First of all, the Painter (Park Jea-Yeon) creates the concept in detail. Why doesn't he have eyes, How can he live in battle. all of the smaller details can make a realistic character

(3d adaptation of some great concept art by Park Jae Yeun from Korea.)

(3d adaptation of some great concept art by Park Jae Yeun from Korea.)

Then I moved to Maya. By the way,  the picture doesn't have any side view and front view, so It's little bit hard to make full figure. so I used a proxy model before I made character. I can think  of how tall he is and how defined his muscles will be.

I used reference from various similar people for his face to get a better idea of what he would look like.

the wireframe is fairly low polygon so that I can use Zbrush to add the smaller details, so I only have to think about the models proportion and pose at this stage

final body and armor with texture, made sure to check your characters proportions from every angle

Zbrush can make a highly detailed bump map. For his Knee guard, Medal and Helmet, I moved them into Zbrush. In Zbrush I completed the displacement map. I eventually decided against using displacement for them because they are too small. so I used bump, but if you think want to use a bump map, you will change your bump value to a much higher level or change the map levels in photoshop.

For the hair I used hair FX in 3dmax

Hair Fx can make fairly realistic hair, If I was animating, the hair will react appropriately. Hair FX uses Environment Effects. sometimes it will take a lots of memory but Vray and 3Dmax can handle this scene. this is my Hair FX settings.

Lighting and rendering in Vray.

this is my lighting setup. Vray has a new secondary calculation method "Light cache" which can save a light map. If you use it, it can cut down your render time.

Of all my projects the blind warrior took a very long time because he has a lot of details to consider on his body. and I painted all the maps in zbrush. I didn't use any photographs. I like this project based on the picture. when I finished the character, I think that I give life to him.

thank you for reading this article and 3Dtotal for giving me a chance to share my experience

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