Maing Of 'Corak the Hunter'


Hi all, my name is Philip Herman, I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia but currently living in Singapore. I currently work for KOEI Entertainment, a Japanese video game company, as 3D Character Artist. I like to share with you guys how I created my image, Corak the Hunter.


I made this image for a freelance job that I got from Red Eye Studio, which I was asked to create a 3D Art asset for their game title "Dark Sovereign" which is currently in development. The concept and the designs of the character were made by them. They wanted the image to be like a Movie Poster, and I'm using references from Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Hellboy, Harry Porter etc....

So here is the concept behind my character:


Since I'm planning to use ZBrush for my modeling, I just made a low poly model in 3D Max, un-wrapping the entire model first before taking it into ZBrush.

Once it has been un-wrapped, I take the model as mentioned above into ZBrush to add all the detail to the character.

After modelling all the parts in ZBrush, I then take each part, one by one into Maya, choosing to pose it manually, as I just want to produce a still image...


Here is a sample of the texture that I made for this character...

I've mixed the textures in order to create the ideal looking one for my character. I have used, as a resource for my texture, textures from 3DTotal's Total Textures and

I use a skin material from Maya's mental ray for this character; I download the skin shader from

Lighting and Rendering

For this image, I've just used 4 lights (2 Point Light and 2 Spot Light) 2 Point Light at the back and front of the character, and the Spot Light is around 45 degree (left and right) from my character. I choose a dark green and dark blue for the spot lights colour, and white for the point light colour.

Then I used Mental Ray in Maya to render out the scene.

At last, I have come up with the final rendering by completing all the steps of production.


Photoshop took a major role in this artwork, as I mixed the final render with a fog image for the background and foreground. I've also adding some water at the bottom part and some other effects. Once this had been completed, I had a better view on the entire composition and could start on doing the final color correction. This is something I do with every artwork I make.

Well this about wraps up this making of and I hope that you have enjoyed it found it helpful. Thanks for reading

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