From Paper to After Effects - Creating an Animated Short from Scratch: Introduction

3DTotal are proud to feature a brand new, comprehensive, multi-part tutorial series from e.d. Films, which will result in the creation of an animated short. Starting with the creation of a puppet character in Photoshop, Rocket Randee, the series will cover topics such as rigging in After Effects, storyboarding, creating concept art for backgrounds, creating a temporary score using Pro-Tools, laying out the scene, adding lighting and effects, animating the character, compositing, setting up cameras, finishing touches and rendering. If you've ever wanted to create a short, learn about character design or character animation then this tutorial series will be essential viewing!

A list of the series content so far can be found below. New lessons will be added every two weeks:

• Introduction to the series
Design of Rocket Randee
Painting the puppet in Photoshop
Texturing the head and pack of the character in Photoshop
Finalizing the PSD files for use in After Effects
Setting Anchor Points of the Segmented Pieces
Troubleshooting the Segmented Torso
Pasting, Parenting, Naming and Fixing Layers
Fixing the Collar and Adding an Undershirt
Troubleshooting the Troublesome Pieces
Installing Duik Tools and Adding IK Controls

In the introduction to this epic series, e.d. Film introduce their project and provide a course overview. The first finished version of the segmented Rocket Randee rig is also available for free at:


Video 01

Video 02

e.d. Films

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