Ecorche: Sculpting Face Anatomy


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Face Anatomy Tutorial Introduction

Ecorche sculpting is a time honoured method for learning to understand sculptural form from the inside out. In this free 10 minute tutorial, Ryan Kingslien uses ZBrush 3.1 to create the muscles most responsible for both the form and the function of one of the most complicated and difficult to sculpt parts of the human body: the face.

I have created a reference library of faces that could go with the Ecorche Face Sculpting video here: There are 147 photos of 40 sculptures; each sculpture is photographed from multiple angles to help the sculptor. 

The link for the full lecture of the Face Anatomy tutorial is here: It costs $30.00 USD and includes the final 3D sculpt as well with the skull and muscles.

If you are having problems viewing the tutorial movie in this 3DTotal article, you can also check out the movie over at There is a free signup required to view movies, but if you would like to check out the movie on Gnomonology simply visit:

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Video Tutorial

Duration: 10 minutes 21 seconds - File Size: 73.9mb

Click to download video tutorial

Click to download video tutorial

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