'Dirty' Custom Brushes

Translation thanks to Mihai Pocorschi III - www.antena1.ro

I am posting here some settings, so that you understand the logic of the creation of custom brushes in Photoshop 7.0. For the painting of the textures, I use 5 basic brushes customized by me. The one that I am posting, is probably the most important of them... I hope that through this "mini-tutorial" I can help people put some "dirt" in their textures.

Usually, when I want to add spots of fat or rust, I use the black color as background and the brown or orange as foreground, as in the figure above:

In the sequence below, you can see the steps and settings for constructing a customized brush:


Here you set the final look of the customized brush:

Here is the image that will be used as base for the "dirt"...

...and here is the same image image after the retouching with the customized brush:

And here you can see one of the scenes from my currently in production short-film, where I use custom brushes like the one in this tutorial, on almost all the textures:


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