8 3ds Max plugins & scripts you should totally try

Speed up your workflow by utilizing these 8 3ds Max plugins and scripts in your everyday workflow…

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There are so many scripts and plugins for 3ds Max that any beginner may find himself confused trying to choose something worthy. To understand which tools you should try first we talked to Maksym Khirnyy – lead 3D artist, 3D generalist, low-poly expert, and CEO of Mondlicht Studios. In the article, Maksym shared his favorite 3ds Max additional tools he usually uses in his work.

interior 3d design

3 point align

The incredibly useful script which allows you to align any object by aligning three points on the object to any another three points in space. Interior designers and architects will definitely appreciate it more than others. It saves a lot of time when you need to space an object at some specific angle. It takes as few as six mouse clicks!

(3-Point-Align script download)

showroom 3d model
Showroom 3D Configurator

Collect assets

One more indispensable script for any 3D specialist. It allows you to collect different textures and project-related files in one folder. During the creation process, any artist tends to be a little bit messy trying different textures, materials, and approaches. That inevitably leads to many hours of cleaning up afterwards. With this script, you’ll forget about this waste of time and will concentrate only on your artwork.

(Collect assets script download)

Batch Export/Import

When you need to export many FBX files into your scene, this tool will save you a lot of time. Batch Export/Import also allows you to transfer your models from 3ds Max to other programs, including Unity and ZBrush and supports many formats.

(Batch export/import script download)

portrait image

“Once we had to export more than 100 FBX files into 3ds Max keeping the layers structure and original titles of every file. I can’t even imagine how much time we would spend on this process without this script”

-          Maksym Khirnyy

Weighted Normals

This script allows you to get nice smooth edges without normal map baking in a couple of seconds. It’s especially handy if you are restricted by the amount of polygons or if you are working on a low-poly project for game industry or VR/AR application. Also, it helps to improve any geometry where you used Chamfer or Boolean operation.

(Improved Face Weighted Normals script download)

How Weighted Normals can help you to get smooth edges

Unwrap Pro

The plugin is famous for its “magic button” which allows you to unwrap all meshes while producing low distortion. It’s also incredibly fast and easy to use: a one million triangle mesh could be unwrapped in less than 30 seconds.

(Unwrap Pro 3ds max plugin download)

car advertisement 3d modelling

Instance Fast Selection

If you work with a vast amount of Instance objects, this script will save you priceless minutes of work. Instance Fast Selection allows you to select instances of selected objects very fast, reducing the time you may spend on routine operations. The script also supports multiple selection and groups.

(Instance Fast Selection download link)


Even though the plugin was created on VRayScatter base, it works with all popular render engines, including Corona, Octane, and Arnold. This tool allows render engines to generate a huge amount of objects in array. To create a forest, a city, or rocky environment you will need to wait just a few seconds. However, before getting a stunning result, you should be ready to invest a little bit of time into discovering preferences.

(MultiScatter plug-in for 3ds Max)

“Multiscatter is a great tool I personally use a lot. The project “Mercedes-Benz EQC Black Edition” is an excellent example of what you can actually do with the tool. The environment for all three images was created with the help of Multiscatter”

-          Maksym Khirnyy

mercedes benz car advert 3d
The environment for “Mercedes-Benz EQC Black Edition” was created with the help of Multiscatter


A very easy and handy tool for copypasting objects from one scene to another. We also recommend to use it if you want to try some fast changes and understand whether they will work or not.

(Copitor download link)

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