7 ways to deal with the blank page

The blank page can be a problem for all artists at one time or another. Check out these hints and tips for overcoming that obstacle!

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Even if you have polished hard skills and are able to create flawless renders, the problem of the blank page can knock at your door. How to get fresh ideas for extraordinary artworks? We talked to Mondlicht Studios artists to gather some tips on how to deal with the lack of imagination.

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Practice makes perfect

In spite of popular belief, people are not born with or without creativity. The ability to produce new ideas is a skill, which can be trained. So, if you have to deal with constant lack of fresh ideas, try to find time on easy everyday practice and create at least one new design per day. You may write your thoughts down or draw a sketch. This practice will help you to train your muscle of creativity, and you will always have a bunch of ideas for new artworks.

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“Sometimes, there is a huge abyss between the idea and the final result. Developing the idea is similar to looking for a solution to a problem – it takes time, you have to try different options and don’t stop until you’re happy with the result.”

-          Dmitriy Glazyrin

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Use techniques to boost your imagination

Creativity became a very popular phenomenon not only among the artists but among the scientists, researchers, and psychologists too. This interest led to the appearance of the huge amount of books with different strategies which can help you to boost your creativity, from “Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative” by Austin Kleon to “Wreck this Journal” by Keri Smith. Just find the one you like the most and try to apply its tips to your everyday routine.

Don’t wait for inspiration

One of the most famous artists in history Henri Matisse was sure that it’s stupid to wait for the inspiration, it comes when you get to work. Sometimes we procrastinate too much or sit in front of a blank page waiting for a brilliant idea to come. It doesn’t work like that – start creating, investigate, and hunt for ideas.

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“New ideas are around you. Never forget that the greatest source of inspiration is the world which exists beyond your monitor. So, use any chance to discover it and be open to any extraordinary things it has to offer.”

-            David Schäfer

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Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

We often stick to the blank page not because we don’t have any ideas, but because we think that the ideas we have are too stupid and not at all amusing. Aspiration for perfection is good and inevitable for artists, but don’t let it suppress you.

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Split your art projects into smaller pieces

Any outstanding artwork may suppress you because of understanding how much talent, time and efforts stand behind it. However, such masterpieces weren’t created for five minutes. This long and hard journey was divided into small and easy steps. If you have a great idea in mind, try not to focus on how hard it is. Instead split it into smaller pieces and move to the goal step by step.

“Every project I work on for VR/AR is very complicated. If you think about the general idea of any of them, you’ll become suppressed by its complexity. But when you get to work, you just begin to move forward step by step, solving problems one by one. That’s how it works.”

-          Maksym Khirnyy

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Shake up your routines

Another widespread reason for the blank page is burnout. To overcome it, you will need to revise your time-management system, find a balance between your life and your work, change your routine and learn how to find positive emotions.  It’s much easier to prevent burnout than defeat it, so don’t ignore warning signs your body sends.

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Take a break

Sometimes we have to stop working and find time for ourselves. The habit of plugging out from time to time will help you to prevent a lot of health problems, including burnout, and get more energy for creative ideas. What’s more, when you leave your workstation and start doing something different, new ideas will come without enormous efforts.

“Burnout is not a myth, it’s a real problem for many artists. And there is an effortless way to prevent it – know your limits, don’t forget about your life and family, find something new to discover, and you’ll be fine.”

-          David Schäfer

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