6 tips to succeed in architecture and interior visualization

“The main hero in the image is not an atmosphere or mood; it’s a product which should look as stunning as possible.” Maksym Khirnyy offers a wealth of tips for the would-be architecture and interior visualization…

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So, you’ve learned how to model and create textures, use lighting and cameras to make your architecture and interior visualization beautiful. Next step is to improve your skills and understand how to interact with clients and become a high-skilled and high-paid professional.

To figure out what one should do to succeed, we talked to Maksym Khirnyy who has journeyed from drawing interior sketches to the creation of whole buildings in virtual reality.

dining table 3d render

If you realize that your portfolio doesn’t depict your skills, find some time for personal projects or collaborations. The main rule here: quality, not quantity.

Know your client

Some clients will bury you under the documentation and requirements providing all information about the project, which may be useful. However, such clients are the exception, not a rule. Mostly, clients have a vague idea of what they want, and that usually scares the beginners away. During education, even students get more information than needed, but in real life you will often face a lack of it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic – in the majority of cases such clients need only a beautiful render.

sofa lounge 3d model

"If you’re not sure, spend some time and investigate. Visit the website and social media accounts related to the company of your client. You can learn about previous projects and understand what is expected. After you’ve got this understanding, your job is to do your work and make it better than expected."

Learn how to sell yourself

Nowadays, it’s so easy to share your work and so hard to get noticed. How to solve this problem and gain connections with new clients? Firstly, look at your portfolio – all the projects you show should be interesting for your potential clients. If you want to get a job in an archviz studio, it’s not the best idea to post new automotive CGI every week. You will confuse your clients, not attract them. If you realize that your portfolio doesn’t depict your skills, find some time for personal projects or collaborations. The main rule here: quality, not quantity.

living room

“I know a 3D artist who creates awesome photorealistic renders. It’s a huge skill, but can you imagine how much time he spends on every render? Sometimes it’s simply inefficient. There are so many tools to make the job done. You just have to know them and choose which to use very wisely, to save your time and the money of your client”

Allocate your time efficiently

A very common mistake – trying to create everything in one program you know the best. There is a reason why there are so many different programs – specific tasks require specific software. To stay efficient, it’s vital to be flexible and able to discover different approaches and learn any new software.

Invest in your client

Your clients have no idea how the production process works. That’s why you need to spend some time to understand what goal stands behind the project. Sometimes to persuade a client to make a decision, you will have to explain the details of production in easy words. But all your efforts will be paid off – the client will never forget how comfortable it was to work with you.

IKEA Immerse - one of the latest projects in Maksym’s portfolio

Don’t be afraid of experiments

A risky and unpaid project could bring you much more than experience. Any new trend and industry began from a group of people ready to experiment with ideas and software. So, think before declining such an offer. If the project sounds promising and you don’t have to work 24/7 to pay the rent, why not to give it a shot? What’s more, sometimes such projects are paid very well. To find a client ready for experiments and creativity is great luck. Don’t miss the chance to show what you’re capable of.

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“My last project began with German word Bodenständig, and that was pretty much all. Not because the client didn’t want to give us information, but because he wanted to give us the freedom to offer the most creative ideas. To work without a specific task could be very stressful, but at the same time, it’s very exciting and fulfilling. To make the work less stressful, communicate with the client on every step of production – in this case, you both will be sure that the work goes in the right direction”

Virtual Studio for KST Moschkau – the most interesting project Maksym has been working on this year

Learn how to create a product, not art

Almost every beginner believes that he creates art; almost nobody looks at the visualizations as a product. This is why it’s so hard to sell your skills and your artworks to people. But almost every CGI, including architecture and interior visualization, is created for commercial purpose. The main hero in the image is not an atmosphere or mood; it’s a product which should look as stunning as possible.

cupboard and glasses 3d model
chair and bookcase 3d render
sitting area 3d model
bathroom with butterfly wall
living room 3d environment
dinner table with chairs 3d
grey sofa 3d render

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