30 fantasy & sci-fi environments from 2019

Travel to exciting new worlds in this collection of some of 3dtotal’s best fantasy and sci-fi environments from 2019…

medieval landscape digital drawing
Citadel. Felix Riaño’s majestic fantasy cityscape looms over humble travellers. © Felix Riaño
winter ice glacier 2d illustration
Ice Mountains. Vivid colours define Quentin Marsollier’s wonderful Viking-inspired scene. © Quentin Marsollier
field in futuristic future 2d illustration
Solarpunk. This terrific and vibrant sci-fi piece is by Dofresh. © Dofresh
festival in woods 2d digital painting
May Sketch a Day 02. Anna Kulakovskaya brings a captivating series of fantastical sketches. © Anna Kulakovskaya
viking boats and scenery 2d illustration
Vikings. Clifftop totem poles loom over Helen Ilnytska’s Viking fleet in this astounding scene. © Helen Ilnytska
renaissance European 2d digital art
Homecoming. This gorgeous clockpunk-style citadel is by Alfven Ato. © Alfven Ato
vikings ruined scenery 2d art
Viking Raid. Smoke rises over Balazs Petheo’s beseiged medieval fortress. © Balazs Petheo
futuristic asian inspired landscape
Market of Antares. Alfven Ato’s bustling alien marketplace is full of life and colour. © Alfven Ato
fantasy desert landscape 2d
Emerald Spear. This mesmerising fantasy landscape is by Oleksiy Golovchenko. © Oleksiy Golovchenko
alien landscape illustration
Camile. We’re awed by Juan Espinel’s magnificent alien harbour. © Juan Espinel
sci-fi environment sea jellyfish
Hydro generators “Jellyfish Omega”. This amazing sci-fi environment is by Albert Ramon Puig. © Albert Ramon Puig
post-apocalyptic dystopian desert art
TECH MECHANIKA – Sector 4. Oleksiy Golovchenko brilliantly envisions an industrial desert dystopia. © Oleksiy Golovchenko
roman architecture floating fantasy city
ruins. This breathtaking and gravity-defying landscape is by Hirokazu Yokohara. © Hirokazu Yokohara
medieval fishing and ships docking station
Medieval Port. Hidehisa Miyagawa perfectly captures a bustling medieval harbour. © Hidehisa Miyagawa
mortal engines inspired landscape
Mortal Engines / Kometsvansen. We absolutely love Amir Zand’s spectacular take on the Traction Cities. © Amir Zand
desert sandy landscape
Drought. The oceans are long gone in Jaume Mesalles’s remarkable post-apocalyptic landscape. © Jaume Mesalles

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