30 beautiful animal artworks

Please enjoy this collection of animal-themed artworks by some of our featured artists!

animal chimpanzee
5. Pan troglodytes. Jian Xu’s chimp has a pensive gaze in this remarkable piece. © Jian Xu
animal frog
10. Frog For FiveStar. Prashant Shahane’s frogs pose for a portrait in this beautiful and captivating work. © Prashant Shahane
animal hummingbird
15. Hummingbird. This work by Cristian Camilo Bolivar is full of vibrant colour. © Cristian Camilo Bolivar
animal bear
20. Roaring bear. Mikkamakka’s sculpted bear is superb! © Mikkamakka
animal chameleon
25. Chameleon. Nikie Monteleone’s chameleon is in a bit of twist in this utterly splendid scene. © Nikie Monteleone
animal bird
30. Ciglitto. Matteo Caruso’s grumpy robin wishes he was bigger. © Matteo Caruso

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