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With quarantines and lockdowns in force across the globe, collaborative and structural software is needed more than ever. Mondlicht Studios offers up 11 essential tools to keep productivity flowing…

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The situation with the global quarantine provoked the rise of remote work. Even if you feel completely relaxed at home, you have to stay efficient and flexible to communicate with clients and organize your work. Fortunately, there are a bunch of tools that can help you with that. We talked to artists from Mondlicht Studios to choose the tools that any remote worker needs.

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Every business has not only project-related tasks but many other things that should be done. To organize everything, you’ll need a powerful project-management tool. With ActiveCollab one can manage any project, track time, monitor work in progress, create invoices, and much more. Also, it has a very stylish dark theme which every artist will appreciate.


A great tool we use a lot for collaborations and the majority of our projects. Its power is in its simplicity, but you can easily add many features to any of your boards with the help of power-ups. If your team has never used project-management tools, Trello is something you want to start with. Other software will require some time on integration. With Trello, this process will be as painless as it could be.


This tool allows you to track the time your employees are spending on projects. It is able to save screenshots, monitor the effectiveness, create documentation, and much more. Service integrates with more than 30 popular tools which allow you to broaden its possibilities. In spite of this fact, it’s useful for big teams, but for smaller ones it may bring more confusion than benefit.


An awesome tool for personal planning. In Todoist you can divide your tasks into projects, add tags, comments, subtasks, upload files, and even share some to-do lists with your colleagues. This tool will keep you organized every minute of your day and save a lot of time on planning – a great tool for freelancers and small teams.

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“We were choosing project-management software for some time. After testing popular tools, we decided to stick to ActiveCollab, Trello, and Todoist. The first one gives you an understanding of general tasks, the second one is cool for specific projects, and the third one is great for personal time-management”

- David Schäfer


Thanks to the channels one can create in Slack, communication will never become chaotic. You will have separated channels for project discussions, new ideas for collaboration, everyday talks, and so on. And you can always contact any of your colleagues directly. Slack supports many functions, which allow you to organize the information, and is able to integrate with dozens of different tools. To use it fully you will need to buy a subscription. The free version of Slack stores only 10 000 messages, which is a tiny amount for the team even of 5 people. If you are looking for a similar free tool, take a look at RingCentral Video – the only limit it has in a free version is the amount of shared videos (500 min per month sounds more than enough for small teams).


It’s free, and so the usual Skype is a reliable friend in everyday communications for small teams. The only uncomfortable feature of Skype is that you have no option to organize the talk and make information more structured. To find an important message, you can scroll the history for hours. Solution: put everything valuable in some managing software right away.

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“We use Skype a lot. The greatest thing about Skype is that everyone has it, so you don’t need to explain to a freelancer or a client what they need to install and why. The easiest solution is always the best”

- Maksym Khirnyy

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For this project, Mondlicht Studios decided to create an image, but with no photography — no real car, no real back-plate, no real HDRI map


This tool became incredibly popular when the quarantine started. Zoom is a very stable tool for any video conference (no matter if it’s a call to the client or a webinar with thousands of guests). A very cool feature of Zoom is conference rooms – you can divide people into virtual rooms for some group discussions. Also, it allows you to communicate with any member of the call, share your screen, comment, and participate in the conversation. One more thing is a virtual background – super useful in case you don’t want to show your client all the mess you have in your room.

World Time Buddy

This tool will help you if you need to work with colleagues from different time zones – add all time zones you need, and you’ll get full understanding what time your colleagues from Australia will be able to have a meeting. The tool is also available as a widget and mobile app.

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“Right now some of our artists participate in a big international collaboration, which means we should organize the communication with people from different countries: Germany, the UK, the USA, Australia, Russia... so many countries and so many time zones! Instead of wasting time on counting the difference between time zones to arrange a meeting, you can just use the tool”

- Dmitriy Glazyrin


If you really miss meeting in person, Glue can help you with that. The futuristic tool allows you to combine all teams in a virtual customizable 3D environment. The tool supports notes, interactive whiteboards, video content, and 3D drawings. And what’s more, every member will get an avatar. To use it, you’ll need a virtual reality headset.


The most popular tool for creating notes is Evernote. However, alternatives are offering more flexible features. The tool with the most significant amount of possibilities is Notion, but be ready to spend some time figuring out how to use it the best possible way. A more rational choice is OneNote – it really looks like a paper organizer, has blocks and dividers. The best thing about OneNote is that it gives you a lot of possibilities to adjust information to your taste and even supports handwriting notes.

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“I have to deal with organization and information a lot in my work, so I’ve spent some time choosing the best possible solution. I need a tool which works on every platform, has a mobile version, allows adjusting all the data I have and organizing it the best possible way. Surprisingly, I’ve chosen Microsoft’s creation over popular Evernote and Notion”

- Zhanna Travkina


This virtual collaboration workspace is an excellent tool for the teams working remotely from different parts of the world. The tool is mainly a board with various possibilities: you can add content, comments, adjust the content, tag colleagues, and create tasks for them. Conceptboard is really great if you need to work on a concept for the project or create a collaboration which includes several artworks.

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