Taking Virtual Production to the next level

Ready to master virtual production?

The revolution is here. Interactive entertainment is changing fundamentally thanks to the power, speed and reliability of technologies that make it possible to combine live action and graphics in real-time. Now you can create amazing cinematic visuals ‘in camera’ live on set.

This streamlining of production not only means you can deliver high-quality finished content in real-time, it also reduces costs in the process.

But when it comes to pushing the creative boundaries what is the most effective way to manage this change? And what are the technologies that you need to power such a very different way of working?

Find out from those who are leading the way. Join our expert panel for a webinar on Taking Virtual Production to the next level.

Hear from Miles Perkins,of industry leader Unreal Engine, how they are mastering virtual production and plan to use it in the future to further revolutionise their creative production.

Lenovo expert Rob Hoffmann and Rick Champagne, of NVIDIA will also be sharing advice on the benefits of implementing the game-changing techniques and technologies that are powering the Unreal revolution.

Discover technologies designed with the artist in mind. They deliver the speed, power and performance to increase creativity and boost productivity.

Among them is one of the go-to solutions driving virtual production soundstages today — the ThinkStation P620.

Learn more at the webinar about how Lenovo can help you bring your creative vision to life even faster with the world’s first and only AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 64 core workstation. Together with ultra-high-end graphics cards like the new NVIDIA RTX A6000, you can produce blazing-fast renders, 3D graphics, visualizations and simulations, artificial intelligence and deep data analytics.

Hear from our experts how the latest technologies enable you to:

Handle massive amounts of data, fast — with quicker SSD read/write performance, in addition to support for the latest PCIe gen 4 GPU offerings from NVIDIA

Reduce costs — with highly cost-effective solutions

Remove barriers for artists — with truly reliable systems that offer a predictable experience, as Lenovo works with others like Unreal Engine and NVIDIA to ensure their technology is best for production environments.

See how you can push the limits of creativity and deliver something extraordinary today. Don’t miss out.

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Taking Virtual Production to the next level


Miles Perkins, Unreal Engine Film & Television Team                    Epic Games

Rob Hoffman, Worldwide Media & Entertainment Manager          Lenovo

Rick Champagne, Industry Strategist, Media & Entertainment      NVIDIA

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