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Have you ever found an image of a character on Artstation that was so interesting you immediately opened a new tab to check out its details? Work like that inspires artists and creators every day, but it’s difficult to build the skills and have the time necessary to create art at that level.

Fortunately for everyday artists and lone designers, there’s a quicker way to make great 3D art. Using Daz 3D, you can jump straight to assembling your scene from modular ready-made components. Daz 3D helps you find individual elements that work together, and utilizing their unique drag-and-drop system for character creation (CharacterKit), makes 3D creation easy and less time intensive.

In Studio, Daz’s free 3D software, Smart Figures and Smart Content work together for fast, custom 3D models that pose, animate, and integrate seamlessly into photorealistic renders. Essentially, Daz does all the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is be inspired and start designing.

And when you need more 3D models, outfits, props, poses, or anything else to get your scene just right, the Daz Shop has you covered. Daz has the largest 3D smart-content marketplace all built by a worldwide community of 3D professionals who release new assets every day, so your art is always fresh and unique.

Drag, drop, and dial

Daz’s drag-and-drop character system (CharacterKIt) allows all related content to automatically fit your character and stay in position as you pose or change other features. All of their smart figures come with sliders and morph dials so you can instantly change your character’s height, shape, size, or expression to bring your vision to life.

Largest smart-content library

Daz has one of the largest smart-content library available, with over 30,000 3D products including 3D characters, compatible outfits, props, and environments. The coolest part is with one-click, you can add auto-fitting, self-correcting, & physics-enabled outfits, hair, and props to bring your idea to life quickly. They also add new content every day, give out weekly freebies, and have ongoing sales that change daily so you can make amazing art without having to spend a ton!

Cinema quality renders

Daz does the heavy lifting to help you create cinema quality 3D artwork. Just pick your content, load it into Studio, and adjust everything from a facial expression to a pose with the click of a button. With 8K Texture maps, 6 UDIMs, Hi-Def detail maps, PBR materials, Iray Shaders, and multi-level Sub-D Geometry, you get a photorealistic render easily.


To help you get started, Daz is regularly creating and releasing new tutorials. Whether you’re new to 3D or an experienced 3D artist wanting to know how to perfect your environment in Daz Studio, Daz wants to give you all the tools to create your 3D art.

Daz Studio is available to download for free. When you’re ready to begin your 3D journey or enhance your skills, check out Daz 3D!

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