A Kraken makeover! TurboSquids new site revealed

TurboSquid is aiming to make your life a lot easier with their elegant site redesign and amazing new customer support...

TurboSquid is aiming to make your life a lot easier with their elegant site redesign and amazing new customer support...

Founded in the year 2000, and now boasting a library of over 650 thousand models TurboSquid has the largest marketplace for stock 3D assets around, and have been persistently pushing to make buying stock digital assets easier ever since.

As leaders in the 3D asset marketplace, TurboSquid know the value of steering a good brand (let's be honest TurboSquid is a name not easily forgotten!) Naturally the company is constantly looking for ways to advance, accelerate and generally improve its service. One of the best strategies to achieve that is to make the service as impressive and easy to use as possible; so, it's doing just that.

"The new logo and other design choices position TurboSquid to stand out as the premiere destination for 3D models in 2018 and beyond."

Alongside the company's sharp new website, the company has vastly improved the usefulness of the service with neat design changes and promising world-class support.

Nail the colors to the mast!

From top to tail (or maybe tentacle to mantle?) the site is getting a graphical overhaul, including new iconography and typography and a more cohesive color palette; all of which contributes to a vastly improved user experience and generally making it a nicer place to be.

"The imagery has a dream-like sensibility that reflects the aspirations of our artists and customers."

The new design, based on nautical and marine themes, promises to be "both sophisticated and whimsical." The matching of aesthetic with brand brings the website up to date with the company's ethos and offers a much more modern, contemporary experience.

All hands on deck

The other major change that TurboSquid has made is in customer support. The company is well aware that sometimes it can feel risky to buy a stock 3d model. Often you can't tell whether what you're buying will do the job and if it doesn't you can be out of luck.

The new "Complete Confidence Guarantee" includes assurance on the best possible price for your models, round the clock support, easier and speedier returns if your model isn't quite what you were looking for and indemnification protection of up to $10 000 for all models that you purchase from them.

TurboSquid's idea is to make "buying stock 3D as easy as buying a stock photo," and the new site and new policies really make steps toward making that idea a reality. We're eager to see TurboSquid put these ideas in place and seeing how the community reacts to it.