3dtotal staff picks September 2020 – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Thank you to everyone who entered 3dtotal’s staff picks gallery contest in September. Together with Mondlicht Studios, we have whittled them down to a top 5, with First Place going to "Skater Boar" by Jader Souza. Congratulations! Read on...


Jader Souza is September's staff picks winner! A character modeler from Brazil, here's what he had to say:

"In this illustration I tried to give maximum importance to each detail, it is not because a part would appear small, maybe out of focus or would be left behind that I would give less value, so the end result is always better when you have this affection.

I started with the Zbrush program to sculpt, then 3DS Max to organize UVs, I moved to Substance Painter for textures, I went back to 3ds Max for shaders and hair with the help of the Ornatrix plug, finally, rendering in Corona render and is course, a light tratament in Photoshop.

Here I show the whole process from beginning to end:

More work on my Instagram:"

"I love the overall idea and concept with “Skater Boar.” Amazing attention to detail. Sharpness and scale of textures and blemishes make it feel like fingerboard scale, which is really cool. Pose and expression are perfect. Also love the Wilt Chamberlain jersey! All of that made it my favorite piece. The story, idea, execution all come together. The real feel with comic style makes it, to me, a cinematic quality character artwork."

"If I could I would give a split 1st place for this with Skater Boar. If I have to make a choice, Skater Boar had the best combination of all aspects. This is an absolutely amazing piece of design and sculpting! Amazing details, which are well thought through. Overall design is stunning, love it. The impression of different materials with structures is a super nice feature in the presentation."

"Very good showcase of technical and design skills. Great overall detail, only the face could either have a little bit more detail in modeling and texturing. Everything looks very real. The slightly fuzzy look of the jacket is awesome. Superb modeling as well."

"Cool pose, nice presentation and images. Very obvious excellent modeling skills looking at the final model and the wireframe. Would love to see more angles. Great showcase of hard surface and organic modeling. More appealing and relatable character to me compared with The Huntress, but since style with less amounts of tiny details was a bit easier to achieve I vote this 4th place."

"I like the comp with the hero standing in front of the landscape. Very cool you added a dark mood as well! A lot of nice details with a very efficient approach, you can still see all the work that has gone into creating this. This I highly appreciate. The overall design is cool, but to put it over the top I would have loved an image with more depth and variation of detailed areas. From the front up to the huge tree it feels like the same amount of detail all over, a bit too crowded. After my eye checks out the tree, I don’t know exactly where to look. Using different amount of detailed areas you could have guided the eye towards the hero better for my taste."

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