Monthly Gallery Competition - New & Improved!

3dtotal's monthly gallery competition is back! With new prizes! Check out the details now...

3dtotal's monthly gallery award competition

Every month we have a goody bag of prizes to give away. How do you win them, we hear you ask? Simply upload your artwork to our gallery and you will be automatically entered into the monthly competition. The next step is to wait and see if your artwork is selected as a Staff Pick by one us here in the office. If it is, both your artwork and your profile will be granted the Staff Pick badge.

See all the past winners here!

A final winner will then be chosen that month by a high-profile artist in the industry. Winners will receive:

  • 3 x 3dtotal Publishing titles of their choice
  • 1 x Anatomy figure of their choice
  • 1 x Sketchbook
  • A special winners badge for their artwork and profile page
  • 1 x Mystery gift
  • The winning image will be used for the Learn | Create | Share banner at the top of the homepage for the following month (if applicable)

The winning image will be highlighted in the featured section of the homepage, and a special badge applied both to the artwork and the profile page of the winner. We'll contact the artist for their details and choices - no need to contact us!

In the past the 3dtotal gallery competition has been highly regarded, as well as popular, and we hope to continue this tradition while taking it to the next level. You could, if so inclined, check out some previous winners here, where you can select by month and the entries are ranked by total points. This system was always problematic as issues could arise with the way votes were cast, and it also leaned heavily towards artists who were able to share the work with a large pool of friends and followers to encourage voting. No bad thing! But we thought we'd level the playing field a bit by having the winner selected by a different guest artist each month.

As if all this isn't exciting enough, we'll also throw in a mystery prize. So mysterious even we're not sure what it will be yet! What are you waiting for? Upload your latest, brightest, newest artwork today! Or get cracking on your next one!

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