The Secrets of Realistic Texturing

I realized that there aren't too many tutorials out there that explain the different texture types. Diffuse, normal, specularity, displacement, occlusion - what do they mean?? Well in this tutorial I cover exactly that.

We'll be creating our own versions of those texture types using a base image, then using those textures in cycles to create a realistic cobblestone material.

In this tutorial you will discover:

• The fundamentals of texturing
• How to use CrazyBump to generate texture maps
• How to make a realistic cobblestone material

IMPORTANT: Quick amendment to 19:28. Plug the Normal Map node into the 'Normal' input of the diffuse and glossy shader, not the displacement input as I (mistakenly) did in the tutorial.

For a full text summary with images, and a download link to the finished Blender file, please visit my website:


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