Texturing 'The Street Racer'


Welcome to this mini-tutorial. This tutorial is about texturing a car using one of my previous models I have created. The car itself is based on the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, modified to look like a street racer. I will be using the new Total Textures v8 Vehicles CD.


First off, I textured the car body, using the paint shader from the cd (lightwave006.srf) as a base (Btw, the disk contains shaders also for Studio Max and Cinema 4d). The colors may be tweaked a bit to your own liking. I made the orange here a bit darker.

The hood was done by using the same shader, and making the colour black, and adding a procedural map on the colour channel

For the main texture on the body, there would be a lot to choose from, included on the CD. I opted for a more "ethnic" look, so I chose one of the tribal images (tribal004.tiff). Since the background of the tiff files included are transparent, they are very easy to use in Lightwave, just a matter of adding it on the colour channel and making necessary changes in scale

The background of the decals may appear white in the viewport but once it is rendered, the base colour will appear. The same technique was applied for the racing decals used, racedecal001.tiff and racedecal003.tiff, for the hood and for the side of the body respectively. There are a lot of other racing decals to choose from, but since I can't place them all in one car, I just got these two. For the interior of the car, even though it's not seen much in the rendering, I used the other maps included in the cd. For the dashboard, material003.jpg was used in the colour and the bump, and material001.jpg was used for some parts of the seats.

For the background building and the road, I basically used an old model I made, and changed some maps with the 'road textures' that came with the cd since they are better quality.

Well, that would be it for now. Thanks to 3dTotal for these great textures and for the giving me the chance to try them out! Till next time,

Kenji Gozum

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