Stylized Character Modeling in Maya 2010


This tutorial is designed for beginners, who are attempting to make their first "cartoony" or stylized characters. It was created in Maya 2010 in conjunction with the Animation Workshop school in Denmark. The tutorial is recorded in real time, with no 'skipping ahead' or double speed, so you can follow along as we go, and hopefully by then end of the series you should have the basic knowledge for creating your own character head in Maya.

Video - Part 1

Duration: 32 minutes 21seconds

Video - Part 2

Duration: 26 minutes 05seconds

Video - Part 3

Duration: 23 minutes 17seconds

Video - Part 4

Duration: 18 minutes 22seconds

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Video - Part 5

Duration: 31 minutes 56seconds

Video - Part 6

Duration: 29 minutes 55seconds

Video - Part 7

Duration: 28 minutes 22seconds

Video - Part 8

Duration: 24 minutes 08seconds

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