Sketch a quadruped robot


My brief for this design is to create a quadrupedal robot that might be used for recon or espionage. My initial thoughts are for it to be insect- or spider-like, able to travel on any type of terrain.


  • Graphite pencil
  • Black pencil

Step 1: Quick sketches

Start with some loose shapes, I looked at spiders and different beetles for inspiration. Think specifically about the legs and how animated they could be as the robot crawls across terrain.

Quadruped robot quick sketches

Step 2: Development sketch

I decide to develop the top right thumbnail, as I feel it has the most interesting feel with its shapes. I want the design to have a spider-like appearance, but not just look like a spider, and this idea achieves that.

Quadruped robot development sketch

Step 3: Rough line art

Block in more shapes that will be the robot’s armor and the mechanical elements underneath. These should include communication devices and other gadgets that the robot would use for espionage.

Quadruped robot rough line art

Step 4: Clean line art

Use the rough layout as a basis to create a cleaner line drawing for the final piece. This version has more refined mechanics and some decorative details.

Quadruped robot clean line art

Final image

Quadruped robot finale pencil sketch

I add value to all the shapes, using a black colored pencil for the darkest shadows. I add a ground shadow so the robot doesn’t look like it’s floating, and a smiley face to the antenna ball for a humorous finishing touch.

Quadruped robot sketch
Quadruped robot sketch
Quadruped robot sketch
Quadruped robot sketch

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