Maxwell Interior - Day and night

Hi and welcome to this project overview. This is a tutorial based on a scene I did earlier and which has been retextured along with 3dtotal's texture CD's as an example of how they can greatly enhance your scene.

Since the entire scene already existed I could focus entirely on texturing and surfacing.

This is our starting point

I used 3ds max 7 SP1 for the modeling part and Next Limit's Maxwell Render (Version 1.2.1 beta) for the final rendering.

Here is a quick preview of how the scene looks without textures and only default Maxwell diffuse materials applied.

Alright, on the the texturing. Since most objects are relatively simple in shape I managed to get away with rather easy UVW maps. A planar or box type UV mapping style was sufficient in most cases, only the fruits on the table used a spherical type.

You can see in the image below which textures I choosed for the various objects in my scene.

The green furnitures in the back is a simple diffuse material with only a color in the diffuse channel but a texturemap in the bump channel set to a very weak level.

The next step is to texture all those small objects in the scene. I used the same techniques like before, I just had to browse through the texture collection on the CD and the rest was pretty easy.

Note: A lote of the objects didn't make use of any texture at all, they are simple Maxwell materials. That goes for all the porcelain stuff, all chrome accessoires, glass objects etc.

By now we have pretty much everything done to make the scene appear a lot more natural by making use of a variety of different textures which can either be found on total Textures v6 or total Textures v2.

Let's have look at the scene at the current state.

Here are a few more info's about the lighting setup of this piece. However this is only Maxwell specific and some of Maxwell's features can hardly be translated into another rendering package.

I did three renders in Maxwell, one lit by sky and sunlight abother one with only skydome lighting and a last one with a flashlight style.
Every image took around 4 hours on a Dual Xeon 3.2 HT and has been postprocessed later on in photoshop for color adjustments and final tweaking.

I wish to thank 3dtotal for letting me use their Total Texture CD sets to recreate my scene again.
The textures are of a very high quality and can save you a lot of time when working with them.


Benjamin Brosdau.

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