Making Of 'Zhou Zhuang'

Though I haven't been to Zhou Zhuang, I was attracted by the worn-out wall and the winding bridge when I saw the scene first time. Therefore I found some reference pictures from the network.

Photo-Realistic works should be based on real existence. Sometimes they look like the real scenes, but sometimes not. I usually try hard to take the inherent principle of real objects into consideration. Then I put my own idea into my piece. But if you think too much of real results, you will wallow in the details and never come through.


Models was made by Maya, Photoshop was used for the textures, background image and post work..Modelling All done by polygons.
Texturing For the wall surface Textures, I used a base map, and chose some pictures from texuture CD for further processing in photoshop.

I drew three colour maps of different kind for the effects of worn-out stone and assigned them to each polygen. Then I moved UVs to different parts. It varied the color and material of each stone to make them complex.

Lighting Nothing special here. I used GI to simulate the sky lights, Directional light to simulate the sun light.


This scene was rendered by maya software, but i use mental dirtmap as well.

Thanks to 3D-Total for giving me the opportunity to use such great CDs.

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