Making Of 'Wall Street'

The modelling for this image is quite simple because it's essential made by profile extrusions for skyscrapers and by subtractions for windows.Most complicated parts as the street-lamp were modelled using box modelling.

In my intention illumination has been studied to give to the image a cloudy day aspect. For the study of illumination I started with a model with neutral colors and I used a HDR image with a lot of white and a distant light lightly redish with area shadows.

Textures for ONE WAY and WALL STREET road sign have been taken from internet images as the ones of the flags. Instead, marble, street-lamp, stop road sign and wet spots on the marble textures have been taken from photos taken with my digital camera.

For example the marble is the which one of my stairs: I copied it several times and I meshed it with Photoshop to eliminate the "tile" effect. So I've done with the pole of the street lamp, starting with a photo of a smaller pole repeated several times and meshed.

Street-lamp rust and other skyscrapers textures are Cinema 4D procedural shader.

Post-production made in Photoshop where I added out of focus, flags movements, color correction and a light disturb in shadow areas as it happens with a digital camera..

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