Making Of 'Tunez'


I decided to make this image just for fun, to practice with the unwrap modifier and improve my skills with 3dsmax textures. The overall project took one month to finish spending roughly 6 hours a week on it.


Ok, as reference, I used only photographs that I found on the Internet. My original idea was not to make an exact copy of the photograph, but to use it only as a source of reference.


This is the wire of the scene without textures and the perspective viewport of the scene in 3dsmax.

With all the modelling done using 3d Studio Max 8.0, the textures were done in Photoshop. The dirt maps were taken from 3DTotal's 'Total Textures CD's v1, v2 & v3', and all the other textures are painted by hand using a base map.

The modelling was very easy, the walls are just boxes, converted with a edit poly modifier. I have also moved some of the edges and extruded a few of the faces where I have placed windows and doors. I also used a chamfer modifier on the base of walls so they align with floor.

To create the arches, I've used a spline form and extruded it. Then I convert it to a editable poly and with soft selection activated, moved some edges on the top to give it a semicircular curve.

The door was modelled using a box which was converted to a editable poly and I moved the edges using an extrude and I added a chamfer to give a bit of detail.

The stair railings which you can see through the doorway are made using splines and a sweep modifier. This was to give me more control with the shape.


For the texturing, I separately used the unwrap modifier on each of the wall. Then using just one texture for the walls and using Photoshop, I put the unwrapped image in one layer, the diffuse map in other layer, the dirty map in other and the AO in other. Then I mixed them all using different opacities and types of layer modes.

Fig 11 _Image10.gif

Fig 11 _Image10.gif

For the door, I applied a Vray dirt map and rendered out a front view of it. Then using Photoshop, I cut out the door and used it as an overlay on a wood texture and another dirt map. The scratches were made using the brush tool. Once I was happy with the over look of the texture a cut it down to and used it as the doors diffuse map.

The texture that I have used for the floor of the building was taken from one of the Total Texture CD's and cloned using Photoshop, after which, I placed a dirt map with multiply mode setting and I then adjusted the opacity.


The lighting was very simply. I used Vray Sun + Vray Sky for general illumination, and one omni light into the portal to simulate a soft light.

Rendering & Composition

To render the whole scene, I use Vray 1.5 RC2.

Fig 18

Fig 18

For the final composition, I've used Photoshop and placed the original render in a layer and AO pass in another and set it to multiply mode. For the AO render, I used Vray dirt following juan siquier tutorial in

Original render + AO pass render.

Final Render

Here is the final rendered scene

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful and learned something new from it.

If you have some questions please feel free to contact me

Thanks for all the people that help me in this project especially to DrakeXXI and Juan Siquier.

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