Making Of 'The Seedbed'

Hello, I am Ao Xingcun from china. CG is one of my favorite means of creation in art. In this article, I think it is a pleasure to share the technique with you, which I have used in the art creation. The main subject I want to show in this works is harmony as well as opposite relationship between nature and the human. I show the subject by giving the works lots of complex and delicate details.This writing is not tutorial, so I cannot give you the specific process to introduce how to create it, but I prefer to introduce you the methods to make it and the techniques about how to convey the connotation of the works in the writing. Before starting the work, I practice lots of sketch on paper in order to decide the relationship between line drawing and the colors. This first step is necessary and very important, for it will give you more confidence and bet your boots, and it makes you know which parts of technique of the software you will need, and you need to get these technique, then you can exploit advantage of them in the creation to make your works more vivid. In the works, I have used some Cinema 4D plug: xfrog and DPIT, which can create complex models powerfully ,such as weeds, tree vine, and they help me convey the connotation of my subject more vividly. Therefore, I start it after I master the necessary technique of Cinema 4D.


The first step is modelling. I create a Cube in Cinema 4D, and make it a heart shape model by pulling it. This model is a primary one and other specific models will be created on base of it. At first, I used it as a outside protecting membrane, and because it is full of clarity and blood, I used the unique material in Cinema 4D to complete this complex structure properly.

Fig 02

Fig 02

The hidden line view

Fig 03

Fig 03

The gouraud view

The material setting

Colour channel (noise channel)

Colour channel (noise channel)

Transparency channel (noise channel)

Transparency channel (noise channel)

Alpha channel (fusion channel),this channel blend a noise channel and a gradient channel. And the noise channel setting is the same as the Transparency channel

Alpha channel (fusion channel),this channel blend a noise channel and a gradient channel. And the noise channel setting is the same as the Transparency channel

Ok, now we can create the tree vine outside of the heart shape model,which will be made by using xfrog plugin. The following is a sample method:

1. add a Branch Object. in the hierarchy the circle is vine radius and the curvature is the vine shape, I edit the curvature Attribute to suit the heart shape, It structure is like this:

2. we will add more Branch in the first Branch. Copy and paste the first Branch, drag it into the first Branch hierarchy. Edit the curvature Attribute,set the length scale parameter to more little it structure like this.

3. in this step we will add some thorn. Copy and paste the second Branch, drag it into the second Branch hierarchy. Edit the curvature Attribute,set the length scale parameter to more little. it structure like this.

4. add a Phyllotaxis Object. drag first Branch into it hierarchy. Edit the Phyllotaxis Attribute,set the number parameter to 50. it structure like this.

Now, create a cube and make it a leafage shape by pulling it, as the way we use in the heart. The basic model will be completed after you put the leaf on the heart and vine shape model.

Now, we make a flower above the leafage with the Xfrog. in this step I just use a flower model that I had finished in another work. The method is the same as the vine .so I don't want to show its structure. it is so heavy . in the next step I made a sample root to connect the flower and the leafage, the model is like this.

The next step is to create the clay outside the heart. Copy a heart shape model, and delete some polygon to make it as the shape in the following.

Ok, select all the polygon and pull them thick to some extent. To make the clay concave I make use of drawing dots.

Now, we can add more details to make the model more true. For example, I add some bud above it, which can be accomplished by DPIT 3.0 plugin. In this step, we just need to clone a surface for the leafage. and delete the substrate polygon. finally drop it down to the Plantage object:

Of course ,we can create the root from the clay in the same way.

Ok, the main models have been completed . What we need to do is to add the leading actor: baby. The way to make the baby will not be discussed now, nevertheless, it can be created by converting a simple model too. .

The material of the baby I use is download in this Thank you for the great SSS material setting!

After all of the models have been created, we come to set the environment, which is very important. I have conceived the results assumably. The primary hue have been decided before starting ,so now we can create it with more satisfaction. According to my sketch, I put on a spot light as the main light, which is warm colour. Then, we need start volume light to establish. The parameter is:

Put an omni light in the heart shape model and set its brightness more intensively because it is focus of the whole picture.. I choose saffron and make use of volume light. Setting is in the following.

Now, the main light has been accomplished. I add some spot light to increase the contrast of the color and to enrich the effect of lamplight. I choose cold color in front , back, left ,right, underside with low brightness ,except the front with more brightness. The structure is:

The last step we will add a sky Object.the material setting is

Finally ,the rest of the work is render. It is a pleasure of doing this,. It can be done easily in the c4d. in this I just use the simple GI setting and choose the stochastic method The parameter is as follow:

Ok just put down the render in picture viewer button. The whole work had finished. The finally render picture is no PS in Photoshop ,it just render in the Cinema 4D.
Now, the whole necessary steps have been generalized. But I think it is just a method, not a teaching material for learners. In the process, we can realize the importance of the ideal for a outstanding works, whereas technique is just a means of represent, serving your ideals. Of course, the most valuable part of a works is its ideal and originality. I hope everyone who have seen my works will get what I want to convey in this writing, but not only the techniques I used in it.

And here is the final render.

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