Making Of 'The Queen'

This "making of" article is sharing my knowledge of how I made the character - The Queen. I assume you have the knowledge of basic modeling skill in your favorite 3d package and I will focus more on rendering.

Modelling the Head

There are tons of ways to model a human head. Use the way that you familiar with and keep the model clean. Here is the model finished in XSI by using box modeling.

The hair is done with grids. I also add XSI hair on top of the grids to give the hair more convincible result


Unwrapping all the mesh and applying the texture. Here are some unwrap uv and textures


I use final gathering for rendering. Final Gathering simulate the real life lighting it gives more accurate and realistic result.

  1. Create a light.(any type of light) and bring its intensity to 0.
  2. Bring the scene ambient to black

3. Create grids to light up your scene. Give the grids constant material.

4. Check the final gathering setting in render option.

Here is the final render. Hope you enjoyed it.

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