Making Of 'The Lantern' by Hani Troudy


Hey guys. This time I'm gonna show you how I made my latest scene "The Lantern", using 3dsmax, Vray and Photoshop.
I'm going to go through the modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and the post production. It's not gonna be a step by step tutorial but I'll be explaining the main ways of making the lantern.


1: The upper Part "The Head of the lantern" or whatever you call it ;) I started of created a cylinder and I made some changes with the Edit Poly Modifier by scaling some of the edges down.

I then applied Taper and Twist modifiers to it.

And then finally added some turbo smooth:

2: The mini arcs and other sweeps were just standard splines with the sweep modifier added

The same was do with the arcs, but with a path deformation modifier applied. I made a single Arc then duplicated it along the circle spline.

3: The background curtain was made with an extruded line with a noise and turbo smooth modifier applied


I wanted the scene to be have an old feel to it, so that is why I have used dirt masks on every object and also I used some Vray materials.

The Lantern Material: A Vray material with Mix in the diffuse channel:

For the specular I used a gray scale bitmap in both highlight glossiness and reflection glossiness :

The Curtain Material: I also used a Vray material, mixed in the diffuse channel with low values in the highlight and reflection glossiness, about 0.5 or 0.3 :

Lighting And Rendering

Lighting: For the lighting I used 3 Vray lights. The "1" marked Light is the main light, with 7.0 in the multiplier with a blue tint. The "2" marked Light and the last one have 1.0 multiplier with a white tint:

For the Flame I have used an Omni light with a 1.0 multiplier and a yellow tint with Vray shadows turned on:

When it comes to rendering I prefer the Mitchell-Netravali Anti aliasing filter, for the Indirect illumination. I have used Irradiance map for primary bounces and Quasi-Monte carlo for the secondary bounces with the irradiance map preset to High with 70 in HSph. subdivs and 40 in Interp.

Samples. GI Enviroment (skilight) Override MAX's turned on and here's the MAX fresh render :

I used Photoshop to Paint the Flame by making a selection with the pen tool then applied some

Feather and paint bucket it with a suitable colour and finally started erasing with low opacity eraser the lower part of the flame (cause that's how it should be); with some color and contrast adjustments I finalized the image.

I hope you like the image at first place and I wish this little tutorial gave you some ideas

Cheers ;)

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