Making Of 'The Kitchen'


My intention with this image was to create a photorealistic place. The kitchen of this image is a Scavolini Mood kitchen that I found on a catalogue and the challenge was to give to the image an interesting lightning and a photographic shot.


The model is quite simple and created in box modelling. Toaster, tins and mixer are Archmodels objects that I put in the scene to add more particulars.


Except the wood of the structure of the kitchen, all the other material are quite simple: metal and glass with variations on the reflection glossiness to differentiate them. Disturbs on the reflections are avoid using very high subdivision glossiness parameter both on metal and glass

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The lighting is certainly the most complicated part. The scene rendering is done using Vray for Cinema4D and the light sources are: on the left a distant light simulating the sun (reddish and low with long shadows), two area lights and four 70 watt spot-light. The GI setting profile is the Vray Medium quality.



The post production was very important to increase the visual impact. The colours are very saturated and I added a vignetting to create a dramatic effect.

Finally I mixed different renders with different lightning and I created a new night scene.

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