Making Of 'The Hangar'

This was the Image that I made for the 3DTotal CD v7. The CD's are full of textures which can be used in a great variety of images and models, robots, spaceships, whatever. My Intention in the beginning was to create the ship only but then I started to model the environment and the results were as follows, the hangar.

Here some details of the back wall, the doors seems rusty and needed a new brand paint. One of the things that I try to improve are the scale of the objects and textures, like that Ventilators ( left ), they suppose to be smaller, but I think that brings a kind of new identity of the textures and objects, and more combinations can be done.

The Ship

The ship was buid in modern and rounded shapes, I made some sketches, I wanna run out from that classic style of spaceship more cilindrical and like a fighter shape, so, after that I start to model in body, than the side part and reactors. Polymodelling mode, shell and meshsmooth. In the final, I break apart the ship in 3 part to help me in texture working.

With the help of textporter and unrapUWV of max6 I start to made my texture of the ship. The body and reactors are pure texture with a bump, in the side areas, I decide to make some old metal with some symbols and numbers, I think that seems to be part of the hangar.

As you can see the side parts were texture with this only map and using unrap tools.

The Final result

Floor and back wall

The floor was the main part of the texturing job, plenty maps, lots of brushes effects and lots of patiences. My idea it's like the hangar after a day work, the ground with dirt, tires marks all over, dust and that heavy enviroment of a ship hangar.

I recommended this texture cd to all artist who want to make some great enviroments and futuristic scenes. Good luck to all and great renders.

Best regards

Miguel Fonseca

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