Making Of 'The Bell Gate'

This scene was done in 3dsmax for modelling, texturing and rendering. Post production done in photoshop


Here are some textures that I used from Total Textures CD's V12 and V13


I tried to capture an afternoon mood for this scene, so I used :
1. one main direct light from front right to simulate the sun.
2. 4 omni light for fill light and additional light, such as:
- Two omni lighst as an "ambient only" with light purple colour and light blue colour, to fill the shadow part of the building with a bit of purple blend with blue color.
- One omni light with small multiplier which has a blue sky color to blend it with the purple colour, so I can get more realistic result.
- One red omni to help the scene have a more strong warm mood


Here's the final render before compositing

Post Production

The most interesting part for me beside texturing is a final compositing in Photoshop. I paint a soft dark blue/purple at some shadow area, set the overall scene with warm tone using photo filter tool, sharpen the image before give a soft feel on it using blur effect also adjust the level to give more contrast.

Here's The final image after compositing in photoshop

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