Making Of 'Summer in Gerona'

Hi again and welcome to my tutorial. Summer in Gerona (Gerona - border Spain with France), is a combination of rustic house elements in a fantastic light environment in a bright sunny day. Once more I try to combine a variety of materials that 3dtotal texture cd's offer me, I try to explore the power of the light, instead making a clear scene. I add some props to the scene and choose a camera plan that would match my conception of this image. I usually don't use lens flare, but in this case i think that turn the image more realistic. Well let's start with a brief explanation about this work. I used the following steps: modelling, texturing, lighting and post-production.

Main Scene - Modelling

Well, the main structure is simple and made with some primitives, combining boolean fuctions and some editable polys. For the the doors i use box modelling method, making some divisions and chamfer some lines and extrude too, the same to the iron gate. For the hat, i use splines + cross section + surface, the chair was made using splines and loft, and for the vase lathe. My intention was to make a good combinations of this elements in this reduce space, but turning the scene softer at the same time, creating that space in the front of the door, and leave the light came inside.

Main Scene - Texturing

So we get to the best part, browsing the cd, there's a lot great textures to choose. I start searching for rustic materials, for example: the door have a old a erodes wood, I found a nice base wood texture, I applied other texture to give the brown base color, I played with the dirt maps and make some scratches and marks with the burn and dogde brush and finally make some hue and saturation adjusts to reach the final result. In the unwrap job i overlap both back and side, to match front and other side, just to use the same texture, I put also a keyhole.

Next job was the wall and arch. The method was the same, I choose 3 different brick texture and play around with them, adjust the color to have a nice final texture. Cut some elements and apply in the right places, add some dirt spots to turn the wall with a older look. In the unwrap job of the mesh, I figure that the back wall, doesn't matter for my scene and spare some time.

In the image below you can see, the others maps that I use in the scene. Basic materials, because I prepare some of them in photoshop first. In the vase for example I use 3 maps, 2 in mix mode with a dirt, I use the same for the bump. The texture cd's offer many solutions for my scene, and I can edit and mix, creating new textures and a great variety. The carpet was found in the net, I was looking for a persian style, to give a more rustic look.

Main Scene - Lights

The scene was rendering with Vray, I use one strong yellow light (spot - multiplier=0,7, color=255,255,238) to create a strong shadow and give the feeling of a summer day. Creating a strong bright projection. I also use a key light (vray light - multiplier to give the main light and environment, and to crate soft shadows inside the room. I had some difficult to create a balance between an hard and dark zone and a bright zone, because too many lights and I can blow the scene. After I made some final adjustments in Photoshop.

Main Scene - Post Production

Ok. Finally and after render my scene, I made some tricks to improve the overall look of the scene, this time I use a lens flare from photoshop, to bring up more realism to the scene and add extra sun effect such the rings and rays, and give a little glow behind the wall outside. As always final touches of calibration: levels, contrast, saturation.

Main Scene - Final Scene

I really recommend this texture Cd's to every artist and studios, it's one of the best of all, great collection of textures and with a great quality.One more time, congratulations to all 3dtotal crew members you are the best ... keep up the good work and good renders.

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