Making Of 'Sten'

My name is Eduardo Oliden; I was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1977 and I currently work for 'PyroStudios'.

The model is based on a design that I found on the Internet, made by Steve Wang, for the movie "Guyver 2: Dark Hero".

The first thing that I did was to look for all the references that I could for the model. Then, I used these references to do a base model in 3ds Max 8.

I exported this model in OBJ format to load it into ZBrush where I added all the detail to the mesh.

When I finished all of the detail of the model, I exported a new base-mesh with more resolution that the first one. For example, if the base model created in 3ds Max is Level 1 and I add detail in ZBrush to level 6, I export the new base mesh from Level 3 and the rest of the detail (from Level 3 to Level 6) is done with a Displacement Map.

Then I return to 3ds Max and apply a 'VRay Displacemod' modifier to the new base mesh, with the Displacement Map obtained in Zbrush.

For the textures I used 3DTotal Textures; a skin base from 'Humans & Creatures' CD (Vol. 4) with an Ambient Occlusion pass, and a mix from 'Sci-Fi Textures' (Vol. 7) and 'Dirt & Graffiti' (Vol. 5) for the chest armour.

I rendered the scene in 2 layers (head and chest) with Vray and a HDRI image, and obtained a DOF layer to use it after in Combustion.

The render has a little post-processing with Combustion 4, like DOF and Colour correction.

I hope this tutorial will help you; if you have any questions about the process you can contact me using this email:

Thanks for reading!

Eduardo Oliden -3DMIND-

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