Making Of 'Sangyeng'

This is a brief "making of" about my last work "Sanyeng".I will show some samples of modeled, as well as the parameters of render,lights and shaders.

Modelling process

To begin with, I wanted to create a really sexy girl, with a oriental touch, which has been inspired by the "Final Fantasy" game. I really love this game and all the Asian culture.

Firstly, before nothing else, I begin by roughly sketching out the model. Is not essential that they are very detailed but they are just for guides. As well as this, I have also gathered some references of oriental actress's and models from books, magazines etc. I needed to have a some good anatomy references and also other things like Japanese clothing. So with this to hand I begin to work the model in repose.

I use the technique of extruding the edges, this, I feel is the best method to obtain a precise and detailed anatomy, because it allows us to go from the detail to the whole.

Now, more or less I have my model, so now I start on doing the setup. I create different poses until finding i find the one that I feel best suits. With my image being static I don't elaborated on the making of the setup, to be able to correct the parts which are badly deformed.

Here are some renders of the different poses:

I choose this pose over the other and began work around it. I make the clothes, I prove the type of hair, I think about the weapon. Though I chose this pose, I feel that it's very unnatural, but I need the girl to seem more relaxed, elegant and solemn.

So with this in mind, I've changed the model again and the end result is this:

Textures, Illumination and Render process

I usually work the render, the illumination and the textures simultaneously, as I feel that it's better to see all the set, but it is not essential. For the illumination, I've used one constant sphere or hemisphere, with the normal towards the inside, but you could us an image for the environment, as this good too. I have uses one area light to create the shadows and to illuminate, and I have used some other lights to pick up the specular on the different objects and another on the model.

Now, I began to work in the textures. I have constructed in Photoshop the diffuse, specular and bump maps and we will be creating the texture and the lights. I wanted to give her a very big tattoo as I have seen many models on the Internet with them. Most of the tattoos that I have found, where a little saturated but I concentrated on the tattoo's of the Yakuza, which are very luminous, with all there strong colors, and this is the effect that I wanted to give to Sanyeng.
Here are some of the details of the texture colour map and the tattoo comparative.

First tests render with the textures

The hair and the eyelashes have been done with the help of opacity maps. I saw a lot of photos of oriental girls and curiously their hair seems very opaque, which I kind of like as it's very pictorial.
Well, the model is not bad, I think that it needs a little of SSS, more luminosity although not too much. This are the parameter of the render tree and the SSS.

After many changes and tests, this it is the final result of "Sanyeng":

Thanks for your attention.

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