Making Of 'Return of the Princess'

This scene was entirely textured with Total Textures V5 'dirt & graffiti' and v6 'clean textures' from 3D Total. The 'Return of the Princess' was made in 3Ds max 5.1. This is the first time I have textured a scene twice, one with clean textures and second applying some dirt maps. The new CD's from 3D Total collection were perfect to do that job. The textures are great high quality maps with many varieties of materials, combining stunning texture quality, different scales from the same texture, dirt maps and graffiti's resulting in a great help to any 3D artist, or artist in general. Here is a brief explanation of how I combined the textures to make my scene.

This was a great job by the 3DTotal team, the textures are fabulous, it's an open door to create outstanding images, great variety with many scales and resolution dirt maps, great for masks, opacities and shadows. I really recommend this for those who try to reach the perfection and realism of their scenes. I believe that one of the secrets for making really great images, and making them as real as possible, is using good quality textures. Texturing and lighting a scene is not an easy job, but these textures make it easier for even those with limited modeling skills. 3D Total v5 'dirt & graffiti' and v6 'clean textures' are perfect and a great powerful texture resource for every artist. Many thanks once again to 3D Total, for giving me the chance to make this test with they new texture collection. Thank you Tom for all support.

Best Regards,

Miguel Fonseca

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