Making Of 'Portrait of a Mobster'

Hello everyone, My name is Alvaro Gasco, I'm from Spain and i'm 24 years old. I did this character during my studies at the vancouver film school last year (2005). It is done in XSI 4.2 and photoshop.
The design of the character was inspired in a story I had in mind, He is a corrupted police officer that has become a mobster from some dark city in east Europe.

After the design of the character, I started modelling it using reference of people like the actor John Goodman, very similar to the kind of anatomy i was looking for.

Then, when I had the anatomy and proportions almost done I started adding the gear, like the gun holder, the gun, shoes, and gold stuff.

This is the start of the texturing work, I first did the bump map using high resolution photos for the skin texture

Then I started the colour map at the same time that i was experimenting with difussion

Finally, I was done with the shaders and I rigged the character to make a posse (something very simple) just to show in the rotation.

To finish, I wanted to make a nice render, something like a portrait, so I made a little composition with Photoshop to give some mood to it

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