Making Of 'Oolox'

I started this project after being really inspired by Aaron St. Goddard's great concept of the Oolox.


I used box modeling to model this character roughing out the shapes first to find the desired proportions; I then focused on building the details.

I started with the head...

Moving down to the torso...

Now creating the arms and hands...

To finally model the legs...

Once the model was complete I weighted and posed him as desired.


"For the textures, I started by unwrapping the model in XSI creating 3 "clusters" as followed. One set of UV's for the head, one for the torso and one for the legs and arms. I then exported parts of my mesh to Zbrush to rough out the bump map and have a basic idea of what I wanted to do; various custom brushes were used to do so, mainly using projection master. Once I was happy with the detail block out, I heavily refined the textures in photoshop adding all the subtleties ect...From there I created all my  texture maps which lead to the final result."

Below is a sample of the torso maps:

Normal Map, Bump

Normal Map, Bump

Spec, Colour

Spec, Colour

Below is a sample of the UV's for the torso and face:


Below are samples of the passes used to complete the image:


Final Image

Here is the final render of my image.

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