Making Of 'Old Lamp'


I don't like to talk a lot, so you wont find too many words, but I have given you a lot of images to help with this 'making of'.


Ok, as a reference I have taken this photo of an old lamp (by the way it was the only one ref image that I used) and everything else I have taken from my imagination.

For this scene, I have tried to do something old and sweet at the same time and I think I have achieved this.

Modelling & Texturing

All the modelling was done using 3d Studio Max 8.0 SP 2, and the textures were done in Photoshop CS, with all the dirt and scratch maps taken from 3DTotal's Total Texture v5 CD.
First, take a look at the complete scene.

There is nothing really hard to model here so now let's take a closer look at each model in this scene.
To model the lamp I used cylinders for almost every part, then I converted it to Editable Poly and adjusted the vertices to match the reference. Then, the entire model was smoothed with 2 iterations for a better result.

I then used a UV Map modifier (Cylindrical mapping). For all the metal surfaces I used a colour, specular and bump map (and 2 opacity maps), for the glass surfaces I used an opacity and dirt map.
Here is an example of the low res maps:

The windows are a modified Box primitives with some chamfer, so nothing really hard to do.

Here I used the 3DTotal's Total Texture v5 again, to create the cracks and scratches on the window and used them as a masks for blending materials (old paint and wood). The glass also has a dirt mask from 3DTotal's Total Texture v5 too and for the mapping I used UV Map modifier (Box Mapping).

Now it's time to show some close up images of the other scene elements:

Plant in the glass (poly modelling and simple mapping with procedural maps, roots were done with renderable splines).

Next thing is the bolt at the bottom of the window frame. It was made simply by poly modelling as well.

Next is the cloth. Made using poly modelling, a displacement modifier and a Hair and Fur modifier. For the colour map, I used a procedural texture. I started this model from a Plane primitive object.

Displacement map

The curtains started out with just splines which defines the shape of them, than I converted it to a Editable Poly, with the textures being procedural (Colour and Opacity).

One more interesting thing is the wallpapered corner which is modified Plane primitive object.

Take a look at the entire room model

It's a simple box with some details like holes in the wall for the windows. We don't normally see the entire room but it's needed for achieving the proper lighting.

Lighting and Rendering

Ok, for the lighting I've used only 2 emitters: 1 direct light that simulates the Sun (with some yellow/orange colour and area shadows) and one V-ray light right behind the window to simulate the day light (almost white with some green and blue values, but this depends on the environment basic colour).

Here are the settings for the lights:

For the environment I choose this image:


All the other work was done by V-Ray rendering system

Here are the rendering settings:

By the way to achieve the shadows from a non existing trees which is behind the window, I used one from the Total Texture Collection as a projector:

That's it. Hope you like it.

Here is the final image. No post work was done.

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