Making Of 'Mike Wazowski'

Hello there everyone, here I would like to share my walkthrough/steps for making "Mike Wazowski", a funny little character from Disney's Monsters, Inc. (2001). Painted in Photoshop, and using a Wacom tablet, this was painted from life, using a small toy model at work as reference. My primary concern to painting this was to share my steps, esp. with beginners, who find it very hard, on how and from where to start and carry on. Most of them see a blank white surface/canvas as a very scary thing. Below are 12 simple steps, from the very start to finish. Developing form, dimension, solidity, depth etc. as I go on. I follow this same procedure for all of my work, it's just that some are more finished. You can even take this further ahead till you get your desired result. See it as my personal approach and this is not the only manner of doing it. I've kept some areas very loose, cause my main concern was to show the procedure which is very simple and direct and without using any of the filters or blending modes.

Here you go: the steps.

I start with a shape close to a pear and make it using lasso tool.

Roughly define the features, using the brush tool, but all according to the light source that I decided to keep to the right of the model (our left).

Introduced lights and darks according to the light direction.

Know start working on defining the eye.

And lets define the eye and other parts some more.

Lets work on the teeth, as well as to achieve some over all form.

Again, working over all, start handling the background.

More colours, darks and light put into the background. Now i've Introduced the horns, making sure I paint then in respect to the light.

Overall shape of the character has been defined according to my reference model, in my case, I've reduced it. Along with that, I kept on working on features and the background more. mostly I handle and work on eveything at once as I proceed.

Working now on defining the floor, again, everything is treated according to the light source and its direction. Introduced shadow thrown by the character.

With the floor given some shape, added some little detail and an angle to make it look more interesting and completing the composition. The character and it's shadow are more defined. Plus introduced tones and colors to finish the background. Thats it folks, I hope u all enjoyed the tour and this might prove to be of some help to those who want to give digital painting a shot.

Have fun and all the best...:)

I have complied together a little movie of this whole tutorial, which is being accompanied by my own music. Click the image below to download the movie.

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